$50/hr Engineering Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship 2024

As we look towards 2024, a significant trend is emerging: an increasing number of companies are offering $50/hr engineering jobs, complete with visa sponsorship for international talents.

This shift is not only a reflection of the growing need for skilled engineers but also indicates a more inclusive approach to hiring, recognizing the value of global expertise in driving innovation and growth.

For engineers around the world, this presents an unprecedented opportunity. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, the prospect of working in the USA with a substantial salary and the support of visa sponsorship is a game-changer.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into what these roles entail, the types of engineering jobs most in demand, and how you can position yourself to be a top candidate for these lucrative positions.

Stay tuned as we explore the landscape of $50/hr engineering jobs in the USA for 2024 and how you can be a part of this exciting wave of career opportunities.

$50/hr Engineering Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship 

Salary figures and visa sponsorship availability can vary depending on the specific company, location, and candidate experience. This list is based on current trends and research and may not be exhaustive.

1. Software Engineer (Embedded Systems) at Tesla, Austin, TX:

  • Overview: Dive into the cutting-edge world of electric vehicles by developing and maintaining software for embedded systems in Tesla cars. Your work will directly impact the performance, reliability, and safety of these innovative vehicles. Expect to tackle challenges like real-time operating systems and low-level programming and ensure high-performance code execution within strict memory constraints. You’ll collaborate with a team of passionate engineers pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and potentially contribute to future projects like self-driving cars and energy storage solutions.
  • Key Skills: C/C++, real-time operating systems, embedded systems programming, understanding of automotive systems.

2. Machine Learning Engineer at Google AI, Mountain View, CA:

  • Overview: Be at the forefront of artificial intelligence by designing and implementing machine learning algorithms for Google’s diverse array of products. You’ll tackle real-world problems with cutting-edge technology, shaping how millions of users interact with Google services. Expect to work with complex datasets, explore various machine learning techniques like deep learning and reinforcement learning, and collaborate with world-renowned AI experts. Prepare to continuously learn and adapt as the field of AI evolves rapidly.
  • Key Skills: Python, TensorFlow, machine learning principles, statistics, data analysis.

3. Backend Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Seattle, WA:

  • Overview: Build and maintain the backbone of the cloud computing giant, AWS. You’ll be responsible for designing, developing, and deploying highly available and scalable backend systems that power millions of users around the globe. Expect to work with distributed systems, cloud technologies like Amazon S3 and EC2, and large codebases written in languages like Java or Python. This role demands strong problem-solving skills, the ability to handle high pressure, and a passion for building robust and reliable systems.
  • Key Skills: Java or Python, distributed systems, cloud computing, scalability, database design.

4. Systems Engineer at SpaceX, Hawthorne, CA:

  • Overview: Play a crucial role in supporting SpaceX’s ambitious space exploration endeavours. You’ll design, deploy, and maintain the complex IT infrastructure that keeps SpaceX operations running smoothly, from satellite networks to launch control systems. Prepare to work with cutting-edge technologies, troubleshoot complex issues, and ensure the secure and reliable functioning of critical systems. This role demands a strong understanding of networking, security, cloud technologies and the ability to handle diverse technical challenges.
  • Key Skills: Networking, security, cloud technologies, IT infrastructure, problem-solving.

5. Data Scientist at Uber ATG, Pittsburgh, PA:

  • Overview: Shape the future of autonomous vehicles by developing and applying data science algorithms to Uber’s self-driving car technology. You’ll analyze massive datasets, build predictive models, and improve the perception, decision-making, and navigation capabilities of self-driving cars. Expect to work with cutting-edge tools like lidar and radar sensors, collaborate with experts in robotics and machine learning, and contribute to a technology that has the potential to revolutionize transportation.
  • Key Skills: Python, statistics, machine learning, data analysis, sensor fusion.

6. Petroleum Engineer at Schlumberger, Houston, TX:

  • Overview: Embark on a challenging and rewarding career in the heart of the oil and gas industry. As a Petroleum Engineer at Schlumberger, you’ll design and implement efficient drilling and production strategies for oil and gas wells. This involves a deep understanding of reservoir engineering principles, utilizing specialized software to analyze well data, and working closely with geologists and drilling crews. Prepare for exciting on-site experiences, the potential for international assignments, and the satisfaction of contributing to a vital energy source for the world.
  • Key skills: Reservoir engineering, petroleum software, drilling technology, well analysis, data visualization.

7. Aerospace Engineer at Boeing, Seattle, WA:

Overview: Take flight with one of the leading aerospace companies in the world. As an Aerospace Engineer at Boeing, you’ll be involved in the design and analysis of aircraft structures and systems, ensuring the safety, performance, and airworthiness of these majestic machines. Expect to work with complex engineering software, collaborate with teams of experienced engineers, and potentially contribute to iconic Boeing aircraft like the 787 Dreamliner or the 737 MAX. This role demands meticulous attention to detail, strong analytical skills, and a passion for aviation technology.

Key skills: Aerospace engineering principles, structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics, aircraft systems, FAA regulations.

8. Civil Engineer at AECOM, New York, NY:

  • Overview: Shape the urban landscape of one of the most vibrant cities in the world. As a Civil Engineer at AECOM, you’ll be involved in the design and management of critical infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, and buildings. Expect to work with advanced design software, collaborate with architects and contractors, and ensure the structural integrity and safety of your projects. This role demands strong problem-solving skills, knowledge of building codes and regulations, and a passion for creating sustainable and resilient infrastructure.
  • Key skills: Structural engineering, AutoCAD, construction management, project planning, geotechnical engineering.

9. Chemical Engineer at ExxonMobil, Houston, TX:

  • Overview: Be at the forefront of the chemical industry by developing and optimizing processes for oil and gas production at ExxonMobil. You’ll utilize your knowledge of chemical engineering principles and process simulation software to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and ensure the safe and sustainable extraction of these valuable resources. Expect to work in a dynamic environment, collaborate with geologists and chemical technicians, and potentially contribute to groundbreaking technological advancements in the energy sector.
  • Key skills: Chemical engineering principles, process simulation software, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, reaction engineering.

10. Electrical Engineer at Tesla, Fremont, CA:

  • Overview: Join the electrifying world of electric vehicles and energy products by designing and developing electrical systems at Tesla. You’ll tackle diverse challenges like circuit design, power electronics, and control systems, ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of these innovative technologies. Expect to work with cutting-edge components, collaborate with a team of passionate engineers, and potentially contribute to projects like the Powerwall home battery system or the highly anticipated Cybertruck. This role demands strong electrical engineering fundamentals, knowledge of control theory, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of clean energy technology.
  • Key skills: Circuit design, power electronics, control systems, motor control, renewable energy.


As we conclude our exploration of the $50/hr engineering jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship for 2024, it’s clear that the opportunities are both diverse and plentiful.

From the innovative world of software engineering in bustling tech hubs to the critical infrastructure projects managed by civil engineers, the landscape is ripe with prospects for talented engineers worldwide.

These roles not only offer financial rewards but also the chance to be at the forefront of technological and industrial advancements. The added benefit of visa sponsorship makes these positions even more accessible to international talent, signalling a more inclusive and globally connected engineering workforce.

For engineers aspiring to take their careers to new heights, the USA in 2024 presents a landscape of opportunity. Whether it’s contributing to the next generation of technology in Silicon Valley, designing sustainable infrastructure, or pushing the boundaries of machine learning, the scope for impact and growth is immense.

As industries continue to evolve and integrate new technologies, the demand for skilled engineers is set to remain high, making this an ideal time to pursue these lucrative and fulfilling career paths. For those ready to embark on this journey, the future is not just promising; it’s bright with potential.

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